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Learn Hindi alphabets
In this podcast you will learn Hindi. First we introduce Hindi alphabets - vowels (swar) and consonants(vyanjan), with the help of pictures. Parents can use this podcast to teach hindi alphabets to their kids. We also provide rhymes for you to familiarise with the sound of the language. Children can learn these rhymes by listening to it and repeating it.
Episode 1:
Know Hindi vowels - Swar
Learn Hindi/devanagari alphabets
In each episode you will learn the hindi vowels and its use in words with pictures. It can be used for teaching hindi vowels to kids.

Download(right-click): Hindi devanagari vowels - Swar (mp4)
Hindi vowels worksheet(pdf)

Episode 2:
Learn to write Hindi vowels - Swar
In each episode you will learn to write Hindi vowels. It can be used to teach your kids to write hindi vowels.
Learn to write hindi/devanagari vowels - Swar (m4v)

Download Hindi/devanagari Consonants worksheet (pdf)
Download Hindi/devanagari Alphabet Chart (vowels and consonants) (pdf)
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