TAMIL Troubleshooting
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1. Font problems
2. Font size problems
Font problems

Manipuri and Oriya languages are displayed only in Firefox. So if you are seeing boxes for any of these languages after having installed the font, use firefox browser to view these files

LanguageReef uses unicode fonts. If you see some junk characters instead of the language alphabets/characters, please try the following steps. If you are using Internet Explorer

Solution 1

1. Go to View -> Encoding ->Unicode ( UTF-8 )

Solution 2

If you are still facing font problems
Step 1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options

Step 2. Click the fonts button

Step 3. Select the required language script (in this case malayalam)

Step 4. Select the font for the particular language(in this case Arial Unicode MS)

If you are still facing problems with fonts, download some free unicode fonts for your language. And follow the steps in Solution 2.

Font Size too small

1. Go to View -> Zoom -> 125%