Lesson 4 - Learn telugu consonants and vowels part 2

So the next series we are going to learn consists of a mixture of vowels and consonants.

The basic shape is

Telugu e series

So first is e and E followed by ai.

Start with a circle followed by the loop as show above. This is one of the most exciting and confusing series. 9 letters follow this basic shape.

Telugu pa and va

These two letters pa and va. If you look at the shapes they are almost similar except the fact that the tick mark above the letters in the first one it is not joined and in the second one it is joined. The tick mark on the alphabets is called tala kattu. So these letter although easy to write are difficult to remember because of similarity of shapes. e and E have no tala kattu while pa and va have tala kattu. The way  I remember the different is space is pa. So no space is va.

For this lesson familarize with five alphabets - e, E, ai, pa and va.