Lesson 3 - Learn Telugu consonants and vowels part 1

There are totally 36 consonants in Telugu language. They might seem like a big number compared to vowels and consonants in the English language. But Telugu being a phonetic language once you familiarize the consonants they sound the same whereever they occur unlike the English language.

So just use the consonants familizarization flashcards. Some consonants look almost similar. So don't confuse yourself. Learn to remember the differences between similarly written consonants.

Instead of teaching you the consonants in order, we will teach you consonants using similarity of shapes.

So we will start with the easiest.

Telugu la

Start with a circle and followed by a u. This is telugu consonant la.

Although the following are not consonants, since we are learning the alphabets by similarity of shapes I will introduce you to four more vowels which have a similar shape to telugu la.

Telugu alphabets having similar shape

So a, A, am, aha all have the same shape as la

That concludes this chapter. We will learn few other alphabets in the next lesson.