Lesson 5 - Learn Telugu vowels and consonants part 3

In this lesson we continue with the basic shape learnt in the previous lesson. So this is how the remaining series continue

Telugu ha ma sha gha

first one is ha

followed by ma

followed by sha

followed by gha.

And then finally pha

Pha is similar to pa except the little dot/line at the bottom of the alphabet.

They all follow the basic shape of e (ఎ) with some extra lines or curves added to it. Tala kattu for example.

Telugu E series - all alphabets


And finally if you are not confusing yourself the other two alphabets which have the same shape but with a slight difference are sa and na.

Telugu sa and na

First one is sa so two spaces is sa - the circle at the start of the letter is not complete. No space is na.

I will think of some easy words to make you remember the alphabets. But for the time being, think of some words so that you can picturize the alphabet in your mind.

That completes this series of alphabets.