Learn Konkani DIRECTIONS - Match the following
To play this game,
  • 1. To match a word, select the corresponding blue box. It is highlighted in yellow. Click the answer on extreme right column.
  • 2. If a word is matched, the following blue box is highlighted in yellow.
  • 3. Continue to match all words.
  • 4. After matching all words, click the check answers button.
  • 5. Correct answers are marked in green and wrong answers are marked in red.
  • 6. Click Reset/play again button to play again.
  • 7. Click Show Answers to know the answers
Note: If you have answered wrongly and want to change it, click the word in the middle(it will be highlighted and becomes yellow) just click on the any other word in the right column.
  • If you do not know the script of the language, you can try the transliterated version by clicking Transliterated button.
  • To revert back to the script click Original script button