Lesson 2 - Learn to write telugu vowels

The 16 telugu vowels are as follows. In telugu script, there are short vowels and longer vowels. The shorter vowels and longer vowels are almost similar to each other except the vowels ఇ(e as in sea)  ఈ (ee as in been).

అ  ఆ  ఇ  ఈ  ఉ  ఊ  ఋ  ౠ  ఎ  ఏ  ఐ  ఒ  ఓ  ఔ  అం  అః


a  A  i  I  u  U  Ru  RRu  e  E  ai  o  O  au  aM  aha


అమ్మ  ఆవు  ఇల్లు  ఈగ  ఉడుత  ఊయల  ఋషి  -  ఎలుక  ఏనుగు  ఐదు  ఒంటె  ఓడ  ఔషధము  అంబారీ  నమః

Familiarize yourself with the vowels. Later on you can learn the vowel signs - that is when the vowels come with the consonants, you need to use the vowel sign instead of writing the vowel itself. The vowel as stated above is in its primary form and the vowel signs are called secondary vowel forms.

The absence of a secondary vowel in a consonant is denoted by the symbol which looks like capital E with the first elogated horizontal line and the vertical lines are curved as opposed to straight line in E.

క్(ik) while క్(ik)+అ(a)=క(ka)