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பாவம் செய்யாது இரு மனமே , நாளை கோபம் செய்தே எமன் கொண்டோடிப்போவன்

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Japanese Learning

My Japanese Journal

  • Wonder what the world has in store for me today. I think I am well equipped to sit the JPanese exam next year. Should I or not is the question..

  • Learnt the kanji for head which is atama.

  • doomo
    doomo - thanks (Japanese)
    nandri - thanks (Tamil)

  • Sensei - Japanese
    sensei is teacher in Japanese
    aasiriyai/aasiriyar is teacher in Tamil

  • Telugu, Tamil, Japanese vowels comparison
    Started with learning Japanese again from the irasshai course.

    I finished watching two videos and finished two exercises. Since I knew tamil and learnt somewhere that japanese and tamil may have had the same background, I am trying to explore this idea..

    onamewa - what is your name? - (un peyar enna? -Tamil) - (nee peruyemiti?-Telugu)
    Japanese               Tamil                        Telugu            English
    ichi                         - onnu                           okati              - one
    ni                            -  rendu                         rendoo         - two
    irasshaimasen  vanakkam/nalvaravu  swaagatam       welcome
    ohayo gozaimasu  kaalai vanakkam    Shubhodayam    good morning
    father                 machine                   fruit                         met                                  home

    a                           i                              u                          e                                   o

    అ                                          ఎ                   

    அ           இ              உ             எ                  

    あ                                  い                                       う                                 え                                                お

    For longer vowels, in Tamil and Telugu we have signs or independent vowels while in Japanese(Nihongo), use the double of the word. 

    あ = ஆ = 

     いい=ஈ = 

      うう=ஊ = 

    え = ஏ = 


    konnichiwa - good afternoon
    ohayo gozaimasu - (formal) good morning
    For nouns, add -san to men, women and girls and add -kun for boys.
    In Tamil, for elders after their name, - avargal is added for respect. 
    In Japanese, we form a question by adding ka? at the end of the sentence.
    In Tamil, to form a question we add -yaa to the end of the question?
    nee yenna kuzhandaiyaa?
    nee enna kazhudaiyaa?
    Telugu adding yaa, naa, aa forms the questions
    nuvvu gaadidaa?
    nuvvu krishna-naa?
    nuvvu devi-yaa?
    nee peru kavitha-naa?
    Pappu thinu - Eat lentils
    Pappu thintaavaa? - Will you eat lentils?
    paruppu sapidu. - Eat lentils
    paruppu sapuduriyaa? - Will you eat lentils?