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Lesson 4 - Learn Gujarati consonants

In this lesson we will learn the gujarati consonants.

The following are consonants in gujarati language.


ક(ka) ખ(kha) ગ(ga) ઘ(gha) ઙ(nga)
ચ(ca) છ(cha) જ(ja) ઝ(jha) ઞ(na)
ટ(*ta) ઠ(*Ta) ડ(*da) ઢ(*dha) ણ(na)
ત(ta) થ(tha) દ(da) ધ(dha) ન(na)
પ(pa) ફ(pha) બ(ba) ભ(bha) મ(ma)

ય(ya) ર(ra) લ(la) વ(va)

શ(sa) ષ(sha) સ(sa) હ(ha)

In the next lesson you can watch gujarati consonants picture dictionary where you can see the usage of the consonants in words.