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Gujarati Vowels part 2

In the previous lesson we learnt the long vowel for a and its vowel sign. List of vowels is given for your reference.

અ આ ઇ ઈ ઉ ઊ ઋ એ ઐ ઓ ઔ અઁ અ:

Now, we will learn a vowel e and ai which look have the basic a () shape.

- vowel e(e as in enemy) . There is no long vowel for e.

ક(ka) કે(ke as in kay)

મ(ma) મે(me as in may)

લ(la) લે(le as in lay)

સ(sa) સે(se as in say)

કેમરા - kaymaraa/kemara

કમરા - kamaraa

મેલા - melaa/maylaa

લેક - lek/lake

સેક - sek/sake

સેલ - sel/sale


- vowel ai (ai as in gain)

ક(ka) કૈ(kai)

મ(ma) મૈ(mai)

લ(la) લૈ(lai)

સ(sa) સૈ(sai)

So similar to the previous lesson where you we used flashcards, make flashcard for each consonants and consonant with vowel sign, and try to write our various words. The words need not have any meaning, it will familiarize with the alphabets and identify them when you see them. Include the vowel signs introduced in the previous lesson too.