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தோல்வி உன்னைத் தோற்க்கடிக்கும் முன் தோல்வியை நீ தோற்க்கடித்து விடு

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Lesson 3 - Tamil Writing part 1

Languages - Tamil

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We will start with consonants first.

Let us begin with the easiest of Tamil Consonants.

1) The easiest letter to start with is ta which is similar to English L.

2) Then have one more vertical line it becomes pa.

3) Adding another pa to pa we get ya

4) Curve the vertical line to have a bend and it becomes ma

5) Then form zha as in the final letter shown below.

Actually these are uyirmaiezhuthukkal. That means vowels + consonants. In Tamil, consonants don't

have inherent vowel sound as in other Indian languages. The absence of inherent sound is denoted by a dot

on the letter.

Now you know to write five Tamil consonants.

if you place a dot above the above letters they become it, ip, im,iy, izh

So, thirteen more consonants to go.

Happy Learning Tamil!!

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