Asking a question in Tamil

A question is denoted by affixing the vowel A(ஆ) at the end of the sentence.

For example, idhu naay means this is a dog.

To ask if it is a dog. You say idhu naayaa?

You can answer, if it is a dog, then idhu naay. or if it is not you say idhu naay alla.

avaL un magaLaa? aam, avaL en magaL than.

Is she your daughter? Yes, she is my daughter.

For yes, it is aam (ஆம்)

adhu pachchai niramaa?

is that green colour?

adhu pachchai niram alla. Adu sivappu niram.

No it is not green colour. It is red colour.


இது நாய் - Idhu naay. This is a dog.

இது நாயா? - idhu naayaa? - Is this a dog?

இது நாயல்ல - idhu naayalla - This is not a dog

இது நரி - idhu nari. This is a fox

அவன் உன் மகனா? - avan un maganaa? - Is he your son? 

இல்லை, அவன் என் மகன் அல்ல. illai, avan en magan alla. No, he is not my son

அது நரியா? நாயா? - adhu nariyaa? naayaa? - Is that a fox or a dog?

அது நாய், நரி அல்ல. - adhu naay, nari alla. That is not a dog, this is a fox.

அது புலியா? பசுவா? - adhu puliyaa pasuvaa? Is that a tiger or a cow. 

அது புலியல்ல. அது பசு. - adhu puliyalla, adhu pasu. That is not a tiger. That is a cow. 

அவன் வணிகனா? - avan maNiganaa? Is he a businessman?

இல்லை அவன் கணக்கன். illai avan kanakkan. No, he is an accountant.

அவன் கண்ணனா? - avan kannanaa? (Is he Kannan?). Is he Kannan?

இல்லை, அவன் முருகன். illai, avan murugan(No, he is Murugan). No, he is Murugan.