Lesson 1 - Malayalam Introduction

Malayalam is the language spoken in Kerala. It is one of the four Dravidian languages. It is supposed to be derived from Ancient Tamil. Almost eighty percent of words used in Malayalam are sanskrit words. Although Malayalam is most likely to be derived from Tamil, the Malayalam script is mostly based on Sanskrit. While Tamil has only 18 consonants, Malayalam like other Indian languages like Telugu, Kannada, Hindi etc which are derived from Sanskrit, has 36 consonants almost the double of that of Tamil.


Malayalam script is a brahmic script used to write the malayalam language. It is an abugida, a writing system that is partially alphabetic and partially syllable-based.


In these series of lessons you will learn to identify the various symbols/alphabets of malayalam script, and then you will learn to write the script. You can always download the worksheets available at Downloads section of languagereef