Lesson 12 - Number - Vachans

In Gujarati there are two vachans namely ekavachan and bahuvachan - Singular and Plural. The plural termination is universally -o, though this ending is not always required to denote plurality. 

Most words ending in a form their plural by changing a into o, 

eg., માણશ(maaNaS - man) - માણશો (maaNaSo - men)

Most words ending in o and Um form their plurals by changing their terminations into aa and aaM, as ghodo a horse, ghodaa horses, kutaro, kutanoon, a dog, kutaraam dogs.

the hats - topeeyo - ટોપીયો

the buttons - bhoriyaam - બોરીઆં

the tables - mejo - મેજો

the houses - garo, makaano, haveliyo

the ribbons - paTeeyo - પટીઓ

the threads -dhoraa - દોરા

the tailors - dharajeeo - દરજીઓ

have you my good books? tamaaree paase maaree Saaree ચોપડીઓ che?

I have your good books - maaree paase tamaaree saaree ચોપડીઓ che.